Who we are:

  • We are a collective of politically active people working for a change of society.
  • We are a collective looking for a radically different alternative for the current economical system.
  • We decide about our activities collectively and consensually. Everyone can participate actively in the process of planning actions or strategies and decisions.
  • We are no political party. We do not believe that a better future will be created by representative democracy, but by an active and broad social movement from below.
  • We do not care how old someone is, with which gender they identify or what color their skin has.

What we want:

  • We want a society where profit isn’t the only value.
  • We want a solidary society that takes care of the fulfillment of everyone’s needs.
  • We want to find a way how to end poverty, hunger and all other injustices of society. Everyone is entitled to profit from society’s riches.
  • We want a society, in which everyone can fulfill their dreams without having their national, ethnic or gender identity standing in their way.
  • We want an active society, participatory and democratic, in which everyone can take part in finding solutions for everyday problems.
  • We want a society without sexualized violence, neither physical nor symbolical or structural.
  • We want to think locally. We want to participate in the creation of the space we live in.
  • We want to think globally. Solving the problems concerning all of us on this planet may not be limited by the competition of nation states.
  • We want comfort for everyone!

What we don´t want:

  • We don’t want the value of a human being defined by their effectiveness, performance and the money they are able to earn. A human’s value is the value of being a human.
  • We don’t want a society built upon the exploitation of nature and the devastation of the planet, speeding into an ecological catastrophe.
  • We don’t want a society built upon concurrence and competition, which is a society of egotism and carelessness.
  • We don’t want a society dominated by men.
  • We don’t want a society of those who lead and those who follow.

We are part of Beyond Europe: