Call out for the dance demo against the March for Life.

We don’t know how to dance the waltz, we don’t have suits and high heels make our feet hurt. We don’t know the proper etiquette and we dance however we want. They used to teach us to dance in pairs. They taught us that this is the only natural and correct way to dance. Just a boy and a girl – nothing more.

This is the only dance cardinal Duka would approve of. A person, who belittles the extent of sexual violence in the Church and compares abortions to terrorist attacks, leads the march ‘for life’ and preaches about morals. Although more and more scandals concerning the Catholic church are coming to light, its power is growing and it is used to shape political debates on gay marriage and the Istanbul treaty. Thanks to massive finances it is able to influence public thinking and spread conspiracy theories about evil gender ideologies.

Everything that is not traditional is an abomination. The Church is ‘for life’, but only for that life, in which boys marry girls, where girls are silent, they clean, cook and give birth. Where there are no condoms, divorce does not exist and you are not allowed to make yourself come. And when you get pregnant, you carry to term – for god and for the nation.

Where it is not possible to legally terminate a pregnancy, women end up with their insides cut up by knitting needles. Because in the extreme case there is no other choice than to strap them to a hospital bed and force them to give birth or cut the child out of them. Meanwhile, things that lower the number of abortions are simple and well known – affordable contraception and good quality sexual education. It comes as no surprise that the Church and the Pro-life movement are against both.

In the situation where the political power of the Church is growing we can not rely on existing laws or the liberal opinions of the public. The desire for power and control of people’s bodies is nothing new for the Church. But we will not dance to the beat of their drum. We will not allow it to lead us where it wants us. We will dance freely, without unwanted physical contact and comments, alone or with others. We will dance to the rythm or not, according to how we feel and what feels good to us.

So don’t dance to the beat of Duka’s drum and come to the dance demo against the March for Life on 27. 4. 2019 at 11:00!

Start: Těšnov

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